three landscapes

pastoral landscape (oil on canvas 30"x35")

spider (acrylic on paper 80"x42")

canary (oil on canvas 42"x30")

after the party

the sweet hereafter (oil on canvas 62"x54")

the shrine (oil on canvas 46"x32")

when we were young and the world was small (ink on paper approx. 3"x3")

why people move to the country

allegorical painting (the painter) (oil on canvas 42"x40")

why people move to the country and what happens to them once they get there (oil on canvas 36"x40") sold

We moved to Idaho in, what was it, 2002 to build a house and live on some land in the woods and learn where it all comes from. The house was solar electric and we had a well dug and i learned how to build as i built it. We lived 15 miles from town. Our son went to school in town. I worked in town. My wife worked in town. That became a lot of time spent in the car. But our place was ours and it was beautiful but in the end it did not work out and we had to move back to Portland in 2008.

Oh, it is nice to be back.

three drawings

the journey

All the drawings are small in scale. 3 to 6 inches. something like that.


eight (oil on linen 50"x42")

A painting and a drawing.

the giants (ink on paper 3"x3" approx.)